ABOUT ME, Michelle Hans 
I have always had a love for photography. As far back as I can remember I had some kind of camera, and was always the one to take the pictures at family gatherings and occasions.   I've been a passionate hobbyist, taking photos of all the things I loved the most.   My kids, my dogs, my flowers, and the wildlife around me. Oh, and bugs... Yes, I love to photograph insects!
I have also been an animal lover all my life.  I grew up with horses and dogs, and lots of small, caged animals.  As a teenager, I worked in pet stores, and learned to groom dogs.   As an adult, I've never been without at least one dog in my household.  As a mom, I never said no to a new caged pet that the kids wanted.
Well, my children are grown, and I still have a love for kids, photography and animals. I am blessed to have a way to combine all three.  
I now specialize in family and pet photography. 
  I can create some beautiful photos of those that you love, and will be sure to get YOU in a few of them too.  
Family is everything, and photography is forever.     
Thank you!