1)  Set a budget – Photographers’ pricing is typically based on experience, region, and skill level.  That does not mean that you can not get a fantastic Photographer that will meet or exceed your expectations for the budget you set. 
2)   Look at LOTS of wedding photos and note the ones you like the most.    Then, decide WHY you like those particular photos.  
Things to look for:
 Is it the connection between the people in the photos that draws you in? 
Are the colors bright and natural, or more muted and subdued? 
Is the lighting natural, with colorful skies, or are the skies white and heavily exposed?
Do you enjoy the photos whose subjects are more posed and formal, or do you prefer when the Photographer captures the candid, natural moments?
Now you have a good idea of the STYLE of Wedding Photography you prefer. Most all Wedding Photographers have a style that you will see repeated in their portfolios. 
So, now, you have a budget, and you have a style of photos in mind that you prefer. 
 Here's a couple more tips to help you narrow down your choice.
3)  Your Wedding Photographer will be a big part of your day.  You need to be comfortable in their presence, and able to communicate with them freely.  Talk to your best candidates on the phone.  Share your vision for your perfect day.  Most Photographers offer Engagement Sessions.  This is a perfect way to work with them and see if they are a good fit for you. 
4)   Get a firm, written price quote – Know exactly what will be included at that price.  Will they give you any prints?  If no, how much will prints cost?  Do you want the digital files?  If so, what will the Photographer charge for those?  Do they promise a turn around time for your photos?  Do they give you any estimate of how many fully edited photos you should expect to receive?
Once you’ve selected your Photographer, they should send you a contract, or meet with you in person to go over it with you.  Make sure you ask questions if there is anything on the contract that makes you uncomfortable, or that isn’t clear.  It should include the hours and locations they will be taking photos for you, and exactly what is included. Does it include the turnaround time and method in which you will receive your gallery?   Once you’ve pinned down all the details, you can sign the contract, and pay your deposit (will likely be non-refundable to hold your date).
CONGRATULATIONS!  You are one vendor closer to having your perfect wedding planned.
I hope you found this information helpful.  Good Luck in your planning and enjoy the process!
Please contact me if I can help you further. 
And, remember… Your day will go by so fast, but your photos will last a lifetime. 
Very Sincerely,  Michelle Hans ---- Photography by Michelle
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